Optical channel generator

LIGENTEC is offering an optical channel generator with customisable channel spacing ranging from 20-200 GHz. The device generates more than hundred optical channels covering the entire C and L communication band.

LIGENTEC channel generator is an optical frequency comb with microwave repetition rate integrated in a rack mountable device and is a compact solution for telecommunication test & measurement laboratories.

Advantages and properties:

  • Customizable mode spacing (20-200 GHz)
  • More than 300 channels
  • Femtosecond pulsed output (< 100 fs) with high repetition rate (20-200 GHz)
  • Power per line is at -15dBm with optional amplification

Our optical channel generator can be used for coherent terabit telecommunication. It was demonstrated and published that a frequency comb generated from a silicon nitride resonator can be modulated to encode hundrets of Gbit/s. Especially the linespacing of the comb lines of tens of gigahertz is promising for telecommunication.


Optical spectrum of a frequency comb generated with a silicon nitride micro-resonator.
(courtesy of LPQM, EPFL)