MPW: Multi Project Wafer Runs

LIGENTEC enables you an easy way to access our All-Nitride core technology for photonic integrated circuits through the Multi Project Wafer (MPW) service and offers low entry barrier to test the low loss technology. After Tape-out, LIGENTEC will perform a DRC check on your design and you will have time provide a DRC free design.

This service is provided five times a year, and is particularly interesting for getting a taste of AN technology.

Contact us for more information.

The MPW schedule

Below are the dates for the planned MPW runs, the dates and thicknesses planned are subject to change.

MPW numberSiN thicknessRegistration deadlineDesign submission window
LGT-MPW-AN800-32800nm01/03/2401/03/24 – 22/03/24
LGT-MPW-AN800-33800nm01/05/2401/05/24 – 22/05/24
LGT-MPW-AN800-34800nm01/07/2401/07/24 – 22/07/24
LGT-MPW-AN800-35800nm01/10/2401/10/24 – 22/10/24

MPW numberSiN thicknessRegistration deadlineDesign submission window
LGT-MPW-AN150-21150nm01/05/2401/05/24 – 22/05/24
LGT-MPW-AN150-22150nm01/07/2401/07/24 – 22/07/24
LGT-MPW-AN150-23150nm01/10/2401/10/24 – 22/10/24

MPW numberSiN thicknessRegistration deadlineDesign submission window
LGT-MPW-AN350-01350nm01/05/2401/05/24 – 22/05/24
LGT-MPW-AN350-02350nm01/10/2401/10/24 – 22/10/24

How to fabricate with LIGENTEC on a MPW run

Contact us through this link or by emailing us at One of the members or our sales and applications team will then reach out to you to understand your project needs and help you find the right path to fabrication.

A process design kit (PDK) is a digital library which enables you to design, simulate and layout your PIC according to the rules and processes that are specific to LIGENTEC. To access our process design kit, we kindly request that a standard design kit licence agreement (DKLA) is signed. The signatory must be legally responsible for your institution. This enables anybody at your institution to have access to the PDK.

The LIGENTEC PDK is implemented in the following softwares:

  • Layout
    • IPKISS
    • Optodesigner
    • gds-based black boxes for open-source software
  • Circuit Simulation
  • Device simulation
    • Lumerical
  • DRC 
    • Calibre
    • KLayout

The dates and SiN thicknesses on offer are outlined at the bottom of this web page. Once you have decided which run to join, please request a quotation from your LIGENTEC point of contact. Afterwards, we secure a space on the MPW run for your designs.

This workshop outlines the submission process and some common design errors that are easily avoidable. By attending the workshop, you will help ensure a simple and error-free submission process.

Before submitting a design to us, we kindly ask that you fill in our design submission checklist form. Once we have received the form, a customer account can be created on our servers and you can submit your design through this portal.

We will run a DRC on the submitted design and send you a report with any issues we find. You will then be able to resubmit your design following these corrections.

By the end of the DRC process, all customer designs will be frozen and fabrication of the lot can begin.

PDK Process Design Kit