LIGENTEC’s silicon nitride technology enables products based on integrated photonics and allows companies and research institutions to fabricate their own designs.

LIGENTEC offers a foundry service for our proprietary fabrication technologies in silicon nitride which are operated by our process engineers.

LIGENTEC Solutions

MPW: Multi Project Wafer runs

LIGENTEC offers Multi Project Wafer (MPW) runs especially for small businesses and research institutions allowing them to share the space on the wafer, which keeps the costs down.

These runs, provided four times a year, are particularly interesting for testing and validating designs in the early stage.

LIGENTEC MPW runs use the validated technology for different silicon nitride thickness.

Shuttle runs

LIGENTEC offers shuttle runs to secure the full space on one or several wafers and can be started at any time by the customer.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to book your own shuttle run with our silicon nitride technology.