LIGENTEC SA Triumphs at 2024 CCI France Suisse Trophies

Cross-Border Excellence: Celebrating Achievements in Integrated Photonics

Lausanne, Switzerland – June 12, 2024

LIGENTEC was honored at the 2024 CCI France Suisse Trophies held at the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne. The event recognized the contributions of LIGENTEC and seven other Swiss and French companies, highlighting cross-border exchanges.

The Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie France Suisse (CCIFS) celebrated the 35th edition of the Trophies, with nearly 400 prominent figures from the Franco-Swiss economic and political arenas in attendance, highlighting enduring collaboration and innovation.

Annually, the CCIFS Trophies acknowledge achievements that exemplify Franco-Swiss dynamism amidst economic challenges, fostering creativity and resilience. LIGENTEC SA excelled in the “Development from France to Switzerland” category, affirming its role in integrated photonics and strengthening bilateral ties.

“This award reflects our commitment to driving positive change and fostering cross-border collaboration as we pioneer innovation in integrated photonics,” said Guillaume Gagnier, Finance and HR Director of LIGENTEC. “We are deeply honored by the jury’s support. This recognition not only highlights our current achievements but also sets the stage for future innovations and contributions to the global photonics industry.”

As LIGENTEC continues to lead in integrated photonics, it remains dedicated to advancing technology and nurturing international collaborations that will shape the industry’s future.


LIGENTEC is a leading provider of integrated photonics solutions, dedicated to advancing technology through innovation and collaboration. With a strong focus on quality and excellence, LIGENTEC is at the forefront of the photonics industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive progress and connectivity.

Myriam Labidi
Marketing Manager